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Shine+ 24PACK

$92.00 $144.00

Shine+ 24PACK
Shine+ 24PACK Shine+ 24PACK Shine+ 24PACK Shine+ 24PACK

$92.00 $144.00

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√ is world's first smart drink

Shine+ is pioneering a new category in beverages that offers a solution for health-conscious individuals looking for a mental pick-me-up without added sugars, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

Ingredients in √ have been shown to improve focus, working memory and reduce mental fatigue

Shine+ was built from the ground up, selecting only the highest quality, most functional and safest ingredients. Each active ingredient has been clinically-researched and has been shown to improve numerous aspects of brain function including concentration and working memory, whilst reducing mental fatigue.

What could you achieve if you didn't procrastinate, avoided mental fatigue and were able to concentrate on the task at hand? #ThinkBrighter 

 24x 110ml bottles of shine+ smart drink

 Fiery ginger lemon & lime flavour

 No added sugar

 No artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners

 Made in Australia

Evidence-based ingredients:

For every bottle of shine+ sold we donate one day of clean drinking water to someone in need.

As we let our light shine, we consciously give other people permission to do the same. By purchasing a shine+ 24 pack, you will be giving 24 people one day of clean drinking water each. We like to call it a win-win.

Money-back guarantee 

We are confident you'll be more than satisfied with our product however if you're not happy with the product or don't like the taste, no dramas. We will refund you the entire amount of the purchase and wish you well in your travels. 

When your moment comes, will you be ready?

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